Founded in 2019 and based in London, Unlimited AI, CIC is a non-profit which exists to provide Artificial Intelligence consulting to other charitable causes.

My name is John Upton, and I operate Unlimited AI. I studied MEng Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University Of York. I've worked for businesses in the technology sector, and simultaneously volunteered for a range of charities. While doing so, I noticed that charities seemed unable to explore cutting edge technology in the same way that businesses can.

AI is a new, exciting, and rapidly growing technology. It is hard to know how it can benefit you individually without some in depth research. With limited funds and pressure to demonstrate immediate results from any spending, it can be harder for charities to ask the bigger "What if?" questions. It is my hope that, by enabling you to see how AI fits into your mission, without any commitment or cost, Unlimited AI will unlock a new wave of technical progress for the third sector.