Datasets for Charities

From policy to advocacy, high quality datasets are crucial to charity work. AI makes it easy to collect new data, and get more out of the data you have.

Many of the greatest charity victories have had strong data behind them. When charities have brought about change in the law, it is because they were able to convince governments with strong evidence. When charities have implemented successful policies, it is because they made data driven decisions. When charities have uncovered invisible injustices, it is because they had the data to reveal them. Simply put, data allows you to frame the conversation, and lay out the premises on which the debate is held.

AI can collect datasets that weren't possible to collect before. This data might not have been attainable because of the sheer time and effort it would take to collect, or it might be that the sources are so scattered and obscure that you wouldn't know where to start. You may already have a dataset, and want it broken down by things such as demographic -- in some cases, AI can handle this too.

This is all possible because recent breakthroughs mean that:

To find out how AI can produce the specific data that you need, get in touch. Unlimited AI offers a free consultation, in which you will recieve an analysis of your mission, the data that might be produced, and any data that is relevant to you that has already been generated by Unlimited AI.