Artificial Intelligence for Fundraising

Fundraising is one of the toughest parts of charity work -- it involves generating new fundraising ideas, going out of your way to justify why your work is important, and constantly modifying your approach as you compete for funding.

AI can help fundraisers minimise risk, maximise reach, and generate money. In a post Coronavirus setting, these techniques are even more relevant as charities evolve their fundraising strategy.

The bulk of the service that Unlimited AI offers here is targeted advertising. Through social media and search engines, targeted advertising can provide one of the best approaches for fundraising. It minimises risk, as most platforms only charge when people engage with your campaign. It maximises reach, as it can continually adapt and improve it's approach based on what works. It can even provide insights into which parts of your message resonate with each demographic, allowing you to improve your other fundraising approaches.

Basic targeted advertising is entirely possible without expert help. You can set up a campaign on Facebook or Twitter, for example, and give these platforms some keywords to target. What Unlimited AI offers is expertise that will:

Unlimited AI wants to make sure that this expertise is available to every charity, large or small. As such, campaigns of any size can be trialled and gradually scaled up, and cancelled at any time with no commitments. Pricing plans are no-win, no-fee, meaning that if your campaign doesn't do well, you don't pay anything. To find out more, book a free consultation today.