AI for Operations

Charities solve some of the world's most varied, and difficult, problems. A given charity could be doing anything from homeless outreach to international development. Often, a charity might be the first to attempt to solve their given problem, meaning there is little precedent or expertise for them to draw on when planning their operations.

AI can optimise the day-to-day activities of charities, making donations go further and getting your help to more of the people who need it.

Many charities have a large operational component -- this could be making deliveries, identifying people that need help, running facilities, or running charity shops, to name a few examples. New AI techniques that are both powerful and generally applicable mean that all manner of charity activities can now be optimised to be more effective and more efficient.

AI can help by anticipating when and where your services will be needed most; it can run simulations to find the optimum resource allocation for problems with millions of variables.

Unlimited AI can also build the database systems, and mobile/web apps, needed to bring technology to your people on the ground. Analysing and designing a full technical solution for your organisation is part of the free consultation -- get in touch today.